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Birder Backpack Kits

American Robin

Ever wished you had a decent pair of binoculars so that you could see more while you're out walking, hiking, or watching the shorebirds at the beach?

Thanks to a grant from Nature Canada and in conjunction with Birds Canada, the Lions Bay Bird Friendly team can help! We now have three Birder Backpacks which can be booked and borrowed (like a library book).

Each Birder Backpack contains:

1. A good pair of binoculars.

2. Instructions on how to use them for the best experience and suggestions on apps you can use to identify birds (and other wildlife perhaps?) and report what you see.

3. A field guide to that will tell you more about the birds you've seen.

4. A quick-reference pocket guide as another way to ID a bird.

5. Information on how to be Bird Friendly.

6. The Metro Vancouver Nature Guide which lists events you might want to attend in the many Metro parks..

7. Other info or items as they are available.

How to Borrow a Backpack:

Please email your name, telephone number and Lions Bay street address to

Free apps to download:

Before borrowing a Birder Backpack, we highly recommend downloading Merlin and its Canada West bird pack as well as eBird.


You may also want to download Seek, which will identify plants, bugs, trees and more, and  iNaturalist.

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